28 October, 2011

Mobsters in Monrovia

Off to Gaelcon tomorrow, these guys may make an appearance

Bourne's smuggling crewe - known for shipping the finest rum

Bourne's Smuggling Crewe

Thompson, the main mover in Monrovia, with his hatchetman - Dillahunt


Reilly, Thompson's up-and-coming rival


The Meet

The Meet

Yates' Mob, led by Reilly

Yates' Mob

Well, lets see how Tommy Guns do vs. a Spinosaurus...

24 October, 2011

Ex-Askari Brigands

A band of Kru Askari rule the highway near the American Mission

Two experienced men, veterans of the Great War and armed with modern weaponry lead the group

Askari leaders

The rest of the Askari, armed with muskets move along the trail

Askari on the trail

They form a firing line, commanded by the infamous (and disgraced) French officer DuPont

Askari firing line

Mobsters next...

18 October, 2011

Kpelle Warriors

Some natives for the campaign - they may be a dangerous obstacle on the Perilous Trail, or might unite with the adventurers against the dinosaur menace

A small group of Kpelle tribal warriors

Kpele Warriors

More warriors from the highland tribe on the trail

Warriors on the trail

The Kpelle are beset by an Allosaurus

Kpelle surprised by Allosaurus

Out of the undergrowth

Out of the undergrowth

Next up: some tribal bandits using more modern weapons...

12 October, 2011

Dinosaurs Roam the Earth!

Some extra beasties have arrived for my Perilous Trail! game at Gaelcon in a couple of weeks.
You'll notice a distinct lack of herbivores...

Why not? Well two things:
1. In 28mm dinosaurs are more expensive and more difficult to transport to a convention than the 10mm versions I've been using previously. For that reason alone there's going to be less dinosaurs
2. I did notice that herbivores got less interest from players - some of that may have been due to the survive/protect nest style objectives they had, but it's no crime that people prefer more active/aggressive roles (especially in a one-off game)

The two larger creatures are from Papo - these are approx 1/40 and are a bit big, but will work fine I think.





The smaller guys are from Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company (discontinued now I think)


Raptors rush in towards farmhouse

More Raptors

Raptors move through the high grass

I think these are dwarf Allosaurs but I'm calling them Achillobators (just because of the cool name you understand)

Two Achillobators stalking

I'll see if I can get some shots of them alongside 28mm miniatures as well, just so you get a good sense of scale.

04 October, 2011

Operation Snakepit - Scenarios

These scenarios allow you to play out actual engagements from late 2007 in Afghanistan. In most cases I have scaled down the scenarios to match my modest collection and for playability purposes.

I have used Stephen Grey's book Operation Snakebite / Into the Viper's Nest as my main source – doubtless you shall find inaccuracies and mistakes below; they are all mine.
The main effort to retake Musa Qala was undertaken by Task Force 1 Fury (comprising 1st Battalion of the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment). The scenarios below represent the preparatory and peripheral missions of the operation.

Download the PDF

In time I will update this document with scenarios representing those core missions – but also updating the campaign outcomes affecting TF1 Fury's engagements.

01 October, 2011


Sangin has been pummelled in the first major Taliban offensive in ages, though they slipped away at nightfall, intelligence suggests they’ll be back in the morning. A Company of the Royal Gurkha Rifles is sweeping in between the river and the canal to cut off them off when the Taliban spring a surprise of their own…

The Taliban occupy the outskirts of Sangin

Outskirts of Sangin

The Gurkha patrol approaches the sturdy-looking compound on this side of the irrigation ditch

Gurkha Patrol

Taliban engage the Gurkhas as they cross the open ground to take control of the compound

Taliban engage Gurkhas in open ground

The leading fire team takes fire as it enters the building from the courtyard - the sniper team look on helplessly, they can't draw a bead on the Taliban inside

Sniper team look on helplessly

Stiff resistance continues in the compound - two Taliban die hard

Stiff resistance in the compound

With the compound secured, the Gurkhas cross the irrigation ditch on the right flank

Crossing the irrigation ditch

With control of the compound, a sniper team is on overwatch backed up by a fireteam on the roof

Taking control of the compound

An IED goes off inside, despite the quick-reacting sniper team. The rooftop team scarpered, dragging their wounded man with them

IED goes off inside

Across the way, the leading section pushes through and clears the market

Pushing through#

Another IED trigger man catches up with the rear party - platoon HQ is organising the evacuation of the seriously wounded. The vigilant fire team on security see off the trigger man's efforts to hit a lucrative concentration

Another IED trigger man

Back at the compound the sniper team takes on the goatherd - but thinks better of just shooting him, they take him prisoner instead

Sniper team vs goatherd

Evacuating the casualties

Evacuating the casualties

The lead section clears the green zone across the ditch - shutting down avenues for Taliban reinforcements to reach the area safely

Clearing the green zone

A Soviet legacy mine takes out the remaining Taliban on the battlefield

Soviet mine

A clear-cut victory for the British - after seeing the debacle the previous day this was a very disciplined approach by the British player.

We played this again (but no photos) with two complete novices, who showed some good nous and aggression. This time the Taliban came out on top (their player shows an unerring ability to get Fog of War cards!)

I'll post the scenarios here in a few days. Thanks for reading.

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