29 May, 2009

Evening at Waterloo

It's been quite a while since I've posted, but then it's been quiet on the gaming front.

When last we left the Battle of Waterloo (see first part here) things had reached the moment of truth. The French right was under huge pressure from the Prussians. A mass infantry assault in the centre had been thrown back. Could Napoleon save his dreams of empire?

Napoleon finally orders the Guard forward, their intervention is needed urgently before a British counterattack drives his depleted brigades from the field.

Napoleon orders the Guard in

The Old Guard march forward.

The Old Guard march forward

D'Erlon manages to withdraw in good order from the Prussian onslaught, with some (almost miraculous) elan and to the considerable consternation of the opposing generals.

D'Erlon manages to retreat

Reille takes Hougomont, with a concerted attack on British positions there and in the surrounding area. Here, maybe the French may sweep the English from the field?

Reille takes Hougomont

The French right flank looks terribly weak!

The French right flank

French countercharge English cavalry near La Haye Sainte. They are thrown back.

French countercharge  English cavalry

French guns on right taken despite a gallant defence.

French guns on right taken

In the end the intervention of the Guard was too little, and too late. The pressure of the Prussians and English on the French right was far too much.

Still the final score was 15-14 to the English/Prussian allied army (The French needed to score 15 to win!)

Sometime in June I'm planning to drop over again to fight the Battle of Wavre. Perhaps I'll have better luck then

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