04 August, 2010

Town and Country

Some additions to the Afghan collection, mostly colour, but very useful for scenarios.

An EOD Robot (Northrup Grumman Mk.8 'Wheelbarrow' ) advances towards a suspect crashed car
EOD Robot

Dog Handler and Mine Detector sweep the terrain nearby
Dog Handler and Mine Detector

EOD officer in suit briefed by colleague, with robot control team set up against wall
EOD Briefing

Busy checkpoint manned by contractors
Busy Checkpoint

Private Military Contractors
PMC Team

Motorbike with heavily armed men looks for detour

Legendary jingle truck
Jingle Truck

Civilian biker (or is it a Dicker?)
Civilian Biker

Locals having a chat
Civilians having a Chat

Civilian group heading to market
Civilian Group


  1. Hi , i'd like to say that your blogg is excellent

    if you like 15mm modern army let see:


  2. Thanks - I've had a look at your figures.
    The painting is superb - bravo!


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