25 July, 2010

Get to the Chopper!

The second part to yesterday's post.

Having pushed the other team in from the wall and into the compound and having wiped out the support team, the fire team in the barn is the only British element overlooking the eastern sector. The Taliban engage them in a firefight, with the rest of their fellows in disorder, but are almost wiped out
Easternmost Taliban settle in for firefight, but are almost wiped out

Talbian team skirt battlezone to bring relief to their comrades at the perimeter wall
Talbian team skirt battlezone to bring relief to comrades

British team at the barricade take fire from farm wall, their return fire has some effect
British team take fire from farm wall

But the fire team in the barn really put the hurt on them
Team in barn put the hurt on Taliban

Combined groups in the western sector stage a mass attack across open ground
Mass attack across open ground

And they have a significant effect, as the British start to take casualties on the ground. Back inside the compound though, the troop RTO has made contact with 'Grim' and he has plotted an extraction point to the east
British start to take casualties on the ground

The command team reaches the out-of-action GPMG team, to find two dead and one just dazed - the GPMG gunner (although he was always a bit deaf anyway!). Dragging their casualties through the compound they get ready to move out
Command team reach GPMG team

Having wiped out the dangerous attack on the west side, the withdrawal begins, starting with the fire-team at the barricades
Withdrawal begins

The Taliban come back out into open to count casualties, and they engage the British in a firefight as they do so
Taliban come back out into open

The command team leads the way, with the GPMG gunner on point (everyone else is helping with the casualty evacuation)
Let's move out

Covering fire from a team at the perimeter wall takes care of the last significant Taliban group
Covering fire

Or so they thought! Fresh reinforcements arrive and the RPK and AKs open up from the trees at the flank of the command team, bringing two of them down
Final ambush

Miraculously, both the troop leader and medic survive with minor abrasions from hitting the dirt (later they reckon that Corporal Williams' dead body took most of the fire
Leave no man behind

Out last, having provided overwatch fire for the final move to the treeline, this fire team finished off Taliban casualties in their path
Making sure

Fresh Taliban reinforcements are too late, having just come in on the road from the eastern sector. They'll never reach the British in time.

Total British Losses: 3 KIA, 2 Serious Wounds
Taliban losses estimated as: 5 KIA, 12 serious wounds, 23 undetermined

The Talbian's plan was to attempt to generally engage the British across the battlefield, in order to then overwhelm the GPMG team, which was placed on the highest point of the compound. The first move was to attack the command team (upon which the greatest hopes of extraction lay) but by a group the GPMG team could still intervene against.
This worked very well, and once that happened the command team, without any support on the northern sector was forced to withdraw.
They failed to capitalise on this though, as the team in the barn acquited itself very well indeed, pretty much keeping the entire eastern sector under its mailed fist.
While the Taliban's reinforcements weren't as numerous as they could have been they weren't terribly low, and the RTO still being around at turn 4 meant that the extraction point was set as early as possible.

A big nod to Jim Hunsinger too! A worthy winner of the 'To the Last Round' competition


  1. looks like a blood bath of a game

  2. Yep - the 'To the Last Round' theme of the competition kind of guaranteed that everyone on one side of the other is going to be wiped out


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