18 July, 2010

Another Blog Retrospective (100+ Posts)

Well, I passed 100 posts a few weeks back, but didn't really notice...This is post 105!
I very happy with the blogging since the 50 mark. I'm up to 37 followers (and a total of 53 RSS readers) and have posted fairly regularly over the last year - about once a week. I really appreciate the attention and comments from people.

I'm just about keeping ahead of the project sharks!

My current Project Build over on the guild is going well. I've completed three tasks (and a small bonus task) of the five so far - painting up about 70 25mm Stargrunt figures that have been sitting in storage for more years than I care to admit!

I am also considering a new small project for the William Atkinson Memorial Build over on The Guild. The theme is simple but broad - "England" - but I don't want to do something that just slots into one of my existing collections.

I was thinking a small selection of miniatures and maybe a scenario/game to go with them...

-Medieval Pilgrims (defending themselves against an unjust toll)
-Elizabethan Adventurers (a bar brawl over some Shakespearean insult)
-Highwayman & Victims (well, a highway robbery obviously!)

I've added a new poll on the right to see if people have any preferences, but again comments would be welcome with the pros and cons.

My Pulp Dinosaur Hunting project is more or less complete. I have several hunting parties and loads of dinosaurs in service, and have run games at two conventions in the last year. The rules are pretty much done, I just need to get around to a last edit. I intend to release them as a pdf from here, and hope that someone out there gets some enjoyment out of them.

I did get into Ambush Alley in a big way, and really enjoy the system, not least the banter and support over on the Ambush Alley Games forum (although that's slowed down considerably with a lot of the active members playtesting the hell out of the new editions.

Unfortunately I've not been able to get the Napoleonics project off the ground, time being the biggest constraint. I reckon that a campaign is the only way to go here but maybe that's aiming too high with current restraints...

Speaking of which, we're expecting our second at the end of November so I imagine the gaming will take a break for a few months as we reacquaint ourselves with the rigours of taking care of a brand new infant!

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  1. Congrats! A real pleasure to follow this blog and the different projects. If you ask me I´d go for the bar brawl. That seems like something I´ve not seen around.

    I think I´ll be using the Guild´s new challenge for some ECW units I´ve got gathering dust, though I still await for those amazing WWW2 British commandos.

    Here´s for a hundred more!


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