24 July, 2010

Things are looking Grim

Ambushed by a large force of Taliban and cut off from retreat, an SAS Troop, call-sign 'Dragon' makes for the crumbling remains of an old farmstead, which would provide refuge for the beleagured team. An American CH-57 Chinook, callsign: 'Grim' has been scrambled but will take some time to arrive at the nearest extraction zone.

The British move into the farm compound, it looks suitable as a temporary hold-out.
British move into the farm

Will someone get rid of these goats (Sergeant Evans has had bad experiences with goats ruining hidden positions in Iraq)
Someone get rid of these goats

A Taliban probe from the northeast is turned back by command team
Taliban probe turned back by command team

A fire team sets up on roof top of barn in time to support a second attack on the command team's position
Fire Team sets up on roof top of barn

Taliban move to edge of treeline to fire on that team
Taliban move to edge of treeline to fire on barn

But they come off second best in that exchange
And come off second best

A Taliban team moves through field from the west, using the cover to screen it from any interference
Taliban team moves through field

Meanwhile another team closes in from the northern treeline
Taliban closes in from north

And combining with them is a team from the western sector to put immense pressure on the GPMG team
And from west putting pressure on GPMG team

They take fearful losses, but the GPMG team is down to just the gunner himself
And takes fearful losses

The British fire team behind the barricade reacts quickly to give their mates respite, at least temporarily
British behind barricade react quickly

But the GPMG team goes silent after another fusilade
But GPMG team goes silent after fusilade

Reinforcements arrive from west to bring casualties in the copse of trees back into the fray
Reinforcements arrive from west

The MI6 officer goes down but the return fire wipes out that Taliban squad - this'd better not be serious or the detailed intelligence gained from the mission will be lost...
MI6 officer goes down

Another group of Taliban take a risk to move across open ground in support of the wiped-out group
Taliban move across open ground to support wiped-out team

One survives and is forced back into the trees to see the British command team leg it into the compound
One survives to see command team leg it

The command team gets inside the compound safely and attempts to get 'Grim' on the radio...
Inside the compound

Can the troop hold on until their exfiltration?

See the full scenario here
I'll post the remainder of the game tomorrow [now posted: Get to the Chopper!]

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  1. Spoon: Know what this reminds me of? Rourke's Drift. 100 men of Harlech, making a desperate stand against 10,000 Zulu warriors. Outnumbered, surrounded, staring death in the face and not flinching for a moment. Balls of British steel.

    Joe: You're bloody loving this, aren't you?


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