16 July, 2012

Smoke 'em Out

A small cadre of operators are securing the base of operations for the other ODA missions. Providing training and technical advice to the Baluchi rebels takes a hands-on turn when the rebels plan an attack on an isolated Iranian outpost near Nukabad.

The Iranian garrison stands fast - awaiting relief from outlying patrols

Iranian Garrison stands fast

The tribesmen rush around the woods overlooking the outpost. Moving through the rough ground to outflank the defenders

Advancing Tribesmen

A small piquet on the ridgetop overlooking the outpost fires on the advancing enemy

Ridgetop Sentries

The tribesmen have manhandled a .50cal into a small copse of trees, directed by a special forces operative

DShK in treeline

The heavy machine gun puts the garrison under effective fire and Iranian morale begins to falter

Under fire from 50cal

A newly reinforced patrol returns and goes straight to work - they overwhelm the .50cal and ease the pressure on the garrison

Reinforced Patrol returns

The piquet moves down from the ridgeline and engages the large group moving into the wood - they lose that firefight, the tribesmen stand fast and return fire, driving them back to behind the slope

Engaging Tribesmen

Two groups of tribesmen, backed up by the special ops fireteam, mass for an attack

Massed attack on Outpost

The charge falters, but the Iranian garrison have been silenced and any survivors have hunkered down

Charge falters

An Iranian squad makes their way to reinforce the outpost, getting their just in time

Iranians reinforce Outpost

A tribal technical arrives on the scene and adds that heavy support to the attack on the outpost

Technical adds weight to fight

a group storm the outpost, but before they can exploit their victory they're shot down by a previously unseen Iranian .50cal on the small hillock southwards

Tribesmen storm Outpost

A fierce firefight erupts over attempts to gain access to the outpost - the outlying patrol has made a real impact on the Baluchi attack

Last ditch relief

Eventually the Special Forces enter, taking three prisoners and the rest of the Iranians withdraw

Special Forces take control

A close-run affair, the Baluchi tribal forces resupply and bring in reinforcements


  1. close game and very enjoyable, if I was iran I would be worried about the strength of my army, after such a string of defeats. they should invest in some bodu armour or better weapons before they loose everying.

  2. Always a good read :) love your AARs


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