12 July, 2012

Wanted, Dead or Alive

The Venezuelan Government has sent an expert to Iran to help guide the enrichment process. He’s located in a secluded compound near Natanz. The ODA has been sent in to capture him in order to interrogate him on the progress of the Iranian programme.

Word comes down as the teams are crossing the start line that the plan is changed, and they are to assassinate him.

Approach to Compound

The fireteam and MG team advance to the woods, but as they do the sniper team opens fire on an Iranian security team near the compound. Inflicting several wounds on them the return fire is effective and the spotter goes down

Iranian Security Perimeter

The advance team makes contact with the Iranians in the small copse of trees and virtually wipes them out

First Contact

The Iranians pull out before they can be overrun and the Operators continue

Point Blank

The Iranian garrison shifts position to meet the advancing special forces

Defenders shift position

Behind them the MG team loses out to the Iranians on a rooftop at the far side of the compound, both operators going down.

MG Team goes down

There's a standoff at the gates to the compound as the US team loses their nerve trying to close assault - they're still not sure where the Venezuelan is.

Stand off outside Compound

The hesitation gives the defenders a chance to shift positions to prepare - despite the pot-shots from the sniper keeping their heads down.

Charging In

The fireteam goes on the rampage, reaching the wall and shooting down one of the Iranian squads

Highly Effective Fire

Irked that they've lost time and assault through the first and second house.

Assaulting First House

They finally spot the Venezuelan, and the sniper takes a shot (but misses!). They're caught in the crossfire between the two remaining Iranian squads

In Crossfire

They grit their teeth and assault through the second house - the clock is ticking is not on their side and without any significant support from the weapons teams they don't have the time to engage in a measured firefight

Assaulting Second House

They cross the alleyway to assault the third house, but the Iranian security team high-tail it with the Venezuelan in tow and escape.

Venezuelan Spotted

The game is up and the Operators are forced to evade the rest of the security force


  1. Another great bat-rep. But when do you ever produce one that isn't?

  2. really cool game. it had many twists and turns, I really liked it. very nice bat,rep


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