23 July, 2012

Bring 'em On

Iranian Special Forces have identified important Baluchi leadership has located itself at the Iranian outpost near Nukabad. They’ve launched a raid to cut them off from any possible retreat and capture them all.

As the opening shots ring out, the outlying Baluchi patrol, with attendent Special Ops team race in through the trees

Leadership Conference in Outpost

The SpecOps team in the outlying building spot the incoming attack and open fire with their RPG

Special Force spot incoming attack

They're forced down from the rooftop and take stock of their casualties behind cover

Taking casualties trying to break contact

The two rebel leaders with their bodyguards make a run for it, but the Iranian attackers hit one of them with lightening reflexes

Leader shot down moving out

The rebel patrol is driven back by concerted fire from the 'left hook' of the Iranian attack and takes cover deep in the woods

Group of Tribesmen suppressed in wood

Taking their chances, an Iranian squad moves across open ground to keep the pressure on the American operatives

Iranians keep pressure on

With his two companions confirmed dead, a single operator at the trees packs his machine gun down and covers the tribal warriors are they attempt a retreat - although he accounts for a few Iranians neither he nor his charges escape

Lone Operator covers Tribesmen

Having overwhelmed the rest of the Baluchi in the outpost, a lone tribal sniper stands tall

Lone Tribal sniper

A well-executed attack by the Iranians and an over-inflated opinion of the ability of the SpecOps to fight off all comers meant that the two sections of the defending force weren't able to join up and were overrun in detail.

Two victories each for the Iranians and the US Special Forces - one thing is certain, that border outpost is indefensible!


  1. Great batrep, as usual. That border outpost is quite the hot spot.

  2. finnaly the Irainians prove themselves worthy of a fight. very cool. it will be interesting what the US will try next... will the outpost now be refortified to protect it better? will the Irainians abandon it?

    I cannot wat to find out

  3. Great set-up and AAR - nice one!


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