16 October, 2013

Rest Stop

Holed up in an isolated farmhouse outside of Tranch, Markham and company need to gather supplies urgently. Of course finding reliable survivors and weapons would also be great if they are to cope with the strange walking dead...

They roll up outside a highway rest stop - Markham goes inside the store, while the others investigate the fuel station (they'll need to top up the truck if they want to go on many more shopping excursions).

At the crossroads - there's some activity in the distance but so long as they remain quiet they should get away with it 
Markham checks his six before heading to the store room to load up a pallet
Outside the fuel station, there's a burnt-out Militia armoured vehicle - with some dead crew members nearby.  
Exploring the fuel station, everything's locked up inside, but there's a way up to get the fuel pumps going manually
Markham hears a sound from somewhere - he tries to remember his CQB training, but it could get pretty hairy without someone to back him up
His caution is rewarded - there are two of those things near the checkout. He takes one down with a pistol shot while the other almost gets the jump on a buddy who's come inside to warn him
Across the way, two militia men come running out - they're the surviving crew members of the tank who'd holed up inside the fuel station. 
They hollering has attracted the attention of the shambling horde nearby - the lead militia soldier lets rip with his autogun, but that's the end of the shopping trip. 
They load everything handy aboard the truck and drive away - they've only got one trip's worth of fuel left for the truck...


  1. That yellow lad looks so familiar, but I can't place him. What range is he from?

  2. The Yellow guy is a "Yellow Jacket" from the Merc's line of figures.

  3. That's them
    They're really nice models, but I'm trying to avoid "ooh shiny" for a while!


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