19 July, 2007

Sheridan assaults Cleburne at Bell Buckle

Tennessee Campaign, 1863
News from the Front - July 2nd to July 7th

July 2nd

Stewart's Division, defeated at Liberty Gap, retreats back up the Highland Rim, to connect with Cleburne's right flank.

July 3rd

McCook merges the 3rd Division, XX Corps under Sheridan with the 1st Division, Reserve Corps under Baird. Taking advice from McCook,Thomas sends the 3rd Division, XIV Corps rearwards to secure the supply lines out of Murfressboro.

July 4th

Having straightened their lines, and taken stock of their opposition,the Confederates are still confident of victory, without the heady delight of 30th June. The extended combat, and the even pressure from Rosecrans uses up most of the supplies moved in at great expense toWartrace.
Scouting out the Confederate forces at Shelbyville, McCook discovers the garrison to be a scratch division of cavalry under Forrest.

July 5th

More skirmishing along the front lines quickly uses up the Confederates supplies located at Shelbyville also, although Wharton's division at Wartrace is now clamouring for resupply andreinforcements.
1st Division of the XIV under Rousseau advances to Highland Rim to connect with Negley's left flank. Meanwhile to the east, Crittenden gets his divisions moving over the muddy roads towards McMinnville, with 1st and 2nd Divisions under Wood and Palmer taking the lead.

July 6th

In response to this general advance, Cheatham's Division counters to shore up the eastern part of the Highland Rim

July 7th

Sheridan's 3rd Division of XX Corps advances to Bell Buckle, advancing into contact with Cleburne's Division, which has been digging in for a week. Despite second thoughts from McCook, Sheridan keeps his nerve and makes an all-out attack on Cleburne's lines.

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