20 November, 2009

Woods Experiment

A new foray for me, my first terrain scratchbuild.
Taking the idea directly from an absolutely brilliant terrain blog I've linked to for quite a while from here: Take the High Ground

For Scratch Build 1 over on The Guild, but not completely sure I'll finish in time, if this damned weather doesn't ease up, I'll never get to undercoat the thing!
Anyway, the idea is to use toilet roll inserts as the central columns, with twigs glued to the outside to give the impression of a mass of trees. Lay some board on top and then glue foliage clumps on that.
The raw materials

Raw Materials
Everything's got to be cut to the same height

Cut down to Size
Glue everything together, using a board as the base and applying some sand

Glued Together
Tomorrow, I'll spray undercoat and then apply brown paint as the base coat... (hopefully)

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  1. I look forward to this! I might try it myself. I also hijacked the terrain blog from here!


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