04 April, 2012

Hunters Hunted

Having conducted raids a light platoon of Spetznaz are closely pursued by a large group of Mujahideen, the Spetznaz are trying to buy time for their extraction from the Panjshir highlands.

Their first stand went well, from concealed and prepared positions they have inflicted over 30 casualties on the enemy and now they are withdrawing to their second defensive line – though three of their number have been killed and one seriously wounded.

Defensive positions

Two scouts on the left flank (equipped with night vision goggles and suppressed weapons) pin back the Mujahideen attack, calmly slipping out of contact after picking off the Afghan leaders

Scouts pin back flank

Feeling under threat, the scout team jump into one of the foxholes, continuing to suppress and drive back the Mujahideen attack

Scouts jump in foxhole

The first assault goes in on the central Spetznaz defensive position, but is driven back - the platoon medic races forward to see to some casualties, but it's just a scratch

First assault goes in

The Mujahideen send in a further attack, this one is met with devastating effect by some carefully placed directional mines

Massive attack

Near the scouts' position, the second wave of Mujahideen arrives

Second wave arrives

The pair continue to hold them off - faced with these Soviet demons, the Mujahideen morale suffers and their advance falters

Holding them off

The arrival of more Mujahideen further up that flank makes the prospect of holding it very suspect

Flank looking suspect

There's too many of them! Keeping the rest of the Spetznaz busy, the Mujahideen concentrate on these two scouts and try to envelope them and render their technological advantages useless

Too many of them

The scouts make their escape at the last possible second - running up to the ridgeline overlooking their escape route

Scouts make their escape

With the scent of blood in the air, taking that ridge will dominate the Spetznaz escape route. The Mujahideen rush up the ridge

Last stand on the ridge

Despite taking losses on the way in, the Mujahideen gun down the two scouts, and now the Spetznaz below realise that they've tried to hold on too long


The race to the extraction zone leaves them in the open and without their defensive positions. Now without fear the Mujahideen close the distance and begin to take them down

Trying to get out

One group of Spetznaz nearly makes it, but the pursuit from the Mujahideen cuts them all down and the rest of the platoon are overwhelmed

Close pursuit

With the remnants of the whiskey washed down, a brief but very constructive post-mortem ensued. Some changes were pencilled in, and then we retired downstairs to watch The Losers!


  1. Donogh,

    That's another great scenario playtest. I love the terrain, the figures looks great and the secnario is completely believeable. A good fast game, I imagine - how long did it take?

    Fantastic stuff again. Thank you so much for posting.

  2. Lovely report. Good to see the Russians out and about.

  3. Rocking scenario D! Read well too. If it was me & coming up to 7pm....


  4. Everyone needs to stop making this Cold War/Soviet-Afghan stuff. I'm getting addicted and may fall over the edge soon... by getting some Elheim figs.

    Excellent looking game!


  5. really cool. my games might be based on this type of scenario

  6. Thanks all.
    @Barry - you would've fixed bayonets and charged (as the Russians)!
    @Sidney - time stamps on the photos tells me it took just over two hours (though it was the first time either player had done a night scenario, so that took a bit of getting used to)


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