19 March, 2014

The Factory

Intelligence gathered from a warehouse raid has disclosed several locations which have been used as a weapons manufacturing facility. Team One and Team Two have been sent to the most promising locations...

Rainbow will try to secure the main factory buildings and bring outlying buildings and any parked vehicles under control. No materiel is to be allowed to escape.

The ruined factory complex was a perfect base of operations for the arms dealer
But lax outer security allowed the Rainbow team to approach along a wall...
...while a mercenary group gathers in the main factory building's courtyard
Orlov's main technical expert, Ivanov is taking a break in the factory annex, away from the dangerous materiel in his care.
As the assault element continues up the wall, the sniper and fire support teams cut across open group to take up position overlooking the main factory 
The assault element opens up the attack wiping out a mercenary machine gun team in a ruined generator house. However as they contemplate their advance, they notice a well-situated IED against the wall
A mercenary group, racing inside the factory annex grabs hold of Ivanov and engages Rainbow outside. They're biding their time to make a run for the car to escape up the road
Rainbow's assault element races away from the exploding IED - somehow they escape with just nicks and cuts
A mercenary group in the woods is giving the sniper team a hard time, but the Rainbow machine gun team puts them down 
They decide to reposition back to the generator room (possibly to the 1st floor above) but are taken out from the Mercs in the factory
Two mercenaries turn up in a car on the road; instead of heading up to the factory to help out there, they see an opportunity to capture the two Rainbow operators who've just been shot down
Rainbow pour fire into the factory annex, preparing for their assault 
The newly-arrived Mercs capture a Rainbow operator, despite the attempts of the sniper team to stop them
Having set C4 to the materiel inside the factory, destroying the evidence, two mercenaries race out of the explosion's radius
They pick up Ivanov on the way out, avoiding any engagement with Rainbow
A nail-bitter for all concerned. It looked like the Mercenaries were being wiped out with impunity, but a little loss in focus by Rainbow resulted in the Mercs having a second bite at completing their mission.

The Rainbow team commander critiques his approach in the postmortem


  1. Got to remember to focus on the mission.

    Cracking looking buildings by the way.

  2. Great! I've been looking forward to seeing how this campaign plays out...hope to see more!!!! Will you be posting the "specifics" of each mission?

    I've got to say, you've got some of the most inspiring ideas for campaigns. I love the scenarios/campaigns you presented for the Classified book, which I noticed was in one of the pics! :)



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