13 May, 2014


Most tragic of all was the quick capture of the “frozen berths”, in order for their family to receive a stipend for generations some volunteered for “extended PDF duties” and went into hypersleep to await a crisis. The PDF on rotation put up fierce resistance but after two months regular army resistance ceased. It fell on guerrilla cells hiding in the industrial wasteland of the capital and in the barren “Ironies”. Vast fields of alien grass cultivated for off-world export, but of no nutritional to local wildlife.

This is the story of one such band.

The story starts with the two heroes having been just brought out of hypersleep two years on to fight each other in a duel for the amusement of a group of chaos marauders. These have been tasked by their overlords with rounding up the remainder of the population into camps and fighting the rebels. Our two heroes find themselves disorientated, confused, in an arena holding a sword and  facing each other. Suddenly in the distance the sound of heavy gunfire erupts and all hell breaks loose…

High walkways overlook the ad-hoc arena which has been set up by the Chaos marauders. Members of the gang are fixated on the action below as Grak Zekka, renowned pistol fighter (known for his iron constitution, sheer determination and brusque manner) squares off against Bruul Stranga the fierce close-in fighter (whose ritual scarring and tattoos celebrating his various deeds adorn his body).
Across the river, an unheralded Valkyrie dropship lands, disgorging a squad of planetary defence troopers 
Taking advantage of the marauders' dismay Grak and Bruul help each other climb the wall and seek to keep out of the view of the defenders - they're still just armed with swords
The troopers engage the marauders on the walkways, keeping their heads down while giving the second group a chance to outflank the defences
They start taking fire themselves and take cover behind some rocks. They spot two marauders across the river from the main compound who must be guarding something
Grak and Bruul encounter those two marauders, with Bruul taking the lead with his sword
Spotted nearby, is a hideous Chaos monument which gives the PDF troopers pause as they pass
One unfortunate marauder, running from one side of the complex to another along the walkway slips and falls to the ground  (ultimately drowning in the stream)
Bruul still fights from the river against the two marauders, but Grak has backed him up and they win out. One surviving marauder runs for it
The troopers have finally gotten to the scene and as the second marauder runs, he's shot down by the leading trooper
Grak enters the bunker the two marauders were guarding, which has a deep shaft going down 
The troopers take cover behind a defensive structure and suppress the remaining marauders nearby before heading down the shaft - which leads back to the landing zone the Valkyrie is idling at
Having picked up some extra equipment from the PDF, Grak and Bruul resolve to raid the facility for heavier weaponry in an attempt to fight back!

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