06 June, 2014


What kind of crazed warriors would, having just escaped from a pit of vipers, return there?
Only the insane have strength enough to prosper...

After nightfall, Grak and Bruul approach the chaos lair; eager to recover arms and equipment which will aid their resistance to the vile invaders...

Strong spotlights reach out into the surrounding countryside, but they leave several good approaches open to the pair
To their astonishment they notice an ancient dreadnought being raised from the depths of the facility - the minions of chaos cannot be allowed to make it full operational!
Climbing to the top of a lift shaft they can see the venerable warmachine being marched into the central area to be worked on
Bruul climbs up to a platform, and aiming to be as quiet as possible tries to take out the two cultists up there - however one falls to his death as they struggle and the alarm is raised
Another spotlight is turned on and they see a tech--priest at work on the dreadnought; though of more immediate concern is the heavy stubber on station on a tower beyond!
They leap to the ground to take cover and clear the platform to the other site
Laying waste around the compound, Bruul suppresses the cultist on the other side of the compound while Grak takes care of the heavy stubber in the tower
Charging into the compound, Grak covers the other entrances into the courtyard while Bruul takes on the Tech-Priest. Wiping out all the cultists they can see they take control of the area.
They complete the start-up routines on the dreadnought (which had been on the verge of being made a weapon for chaos) and march back to the landing zone to make contact with the Valkyrie


  1. Nice game report. It all looked great.

  2. Great looking pics, very atmospheric!

  3. Great looking game! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award btw, as I've enjoyed your content here for some time.

  4. Always a good read!
    By the way, I hereby nominate you to this fancy award!
    More info here:

    1. Thanks Jonathan - will finally get around to answering my questionnaire for the Liebster this weekend!


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