11 September, 2008

Reinforcements arrive in Tennessee

Tennessee Campaign, 1863,
News from the Front, August 26th - August 30th

August 26th

The reinforcements Bragg has been promising to Generals Polk and Hardee finally arrives by rail to Chattanooga. Breckinridge’s and Walker’s divisions join Polk’s and Hardee’s Corps respectively. A huge fillip to the Confederate cause is the arrival of Longstreet’s Corps (of McLaw’s and Hood’s divisions). Much to the chagrin of General Buckner, whose forces are placed under Longstreet’s command.
This is counterbalanced by the long-feared arrival of General Burnside out of the Cumberland Gap, north of Knoxville.

August 27th

Sheridan builds a supply depot right outside Tullahoma. Is the Union preparing an assault on the Confederates advanced base of operations?

Cheatham moves back to Pelham, Buckner’s previous orders holding little weight with Polk.
Buckner himself loses his nerve in front of Burnside’s newly arrived divisions, abandoning Knoxville and retreating towards Loudon.

McLaw starts his division up the rail line towards Loudon; it seems like Longstreet’s intention is to defend against a crossing over the Tennessee River by Burnside.

Walker’s Division leaves Chattanooga and moves into Wauhatchie. Meanwhile Wood’s Division marches towards McMinnville.

Burnside whips his Corps into action; Ferrero moves towards Knoxville, eager to capture the town and the abundant supplies built up there by the Confederates. Hascall and Hartranft advance towards Loudon; will they be able to cut off Buckner?

August 28th

DeCourcy converges with Hartranft. Hascall continues his advance towards Loudon; will he be able to cut off Buckner from safety?

Somehow Forrest manages to supply his tired cavalry division, and skirts around Union defences to arrive at the outskirts of Murfressboro.

August 29th

Buckner’s Division reaches the Tennessee before the Union. Just in time, Hascall arrives only hours later, but Buckner will be able to cross the bridge there safely.

Despite Forrest’s interception of Union supply wagons, no real harm is done to the Union, with massive supplies having been built up close to Wartrace and Tullahoma.
Withers advances on the previously defeated Palmer, but Palmer was waiting for him and springs an attack on Withers before he can gather his strength properly.

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