09 October, 2008

Battle of Hillsboro

General Withers, confident after his victory at Pelham, pursues his opponent to Hillsboro. There General Palmer has prepared well against the expected advance, and instead of awaiting the Confederates, decides to attack.

A large force, under General Hazen advances across open ground in the centre.

Union advance in centre

On the Union right, rival cavalry regiments eye each other along the road. But leave the early advances to the infantry, preferring to exploit success. The Union manage to take control of a hill overlooking some Confederate regiments, and seek to support their fellows' advance.

Union probe on right covers open ground

On the Union left the action is opened by a gallant charge to take the Confederate guns overlooking the river. If these are taken the entire Confederate right will be open. The attack is singularly unsuccessful, despite the leadership of General Cruft and the regiments are cruelly beaten back, as are the supporting infantry regiments.

The Confederate instead cross the river themselves and seek to turn the Union instead.

Union attack on left is repulsed, and Confederates cross river to turn flank

So as to help ensure the success of this demonstration a larger attack is planned closer to the centre of the battlefield.

Confederate right wing assaults

In the centre proper, a large Union "grand battery" supports the assault by General Hazen.

Union grand battery in centre

As a Union infantry regiment makes towards the Ward's Farm on their extreme right, two Confederate cavalry regiments pounce with telling effect. The decimated regiments rushes to relative safety within the farm buildings and fences.

Confederate cavalry attack Union probe

The Union cavalry rushes to relieve their comrades, with the aid of another infantry regiment and the Confederates withdraw slightly.

Union cavalry responds

In the centre, General Hazen's assault is initially successful, though with losses. The Confederate counter-attack is insufficient to throw them back.

Union assault in centre hits Confederates hard

The brave infantry regiments take the hill and threaten the line of retreat of the Confederates.

Union assault takes hill

On the right, despite the successful cavalry attack by the Confederates they are left weakened and unable to exploit. Union forces are similarly disadvantaged and a lull ensues.

On Union right, both sides pull back, weakened and unwilling to expose themselves

In the centre, General Hazen leads a brigade to a nearby ridge which commands the remaining Confederate battery at Peterson's Farm.

Second Union assault in centre makes ground also

Despite direct intervention from General Manigault, his Brigade is broken by the assault.

General Manigault attempts to rally Confederate Centre

On the Union right a large assault is made by General Grose, pushing back the Confederates with sever effects.

Union assault en masse on right flank

The brave counter-attack cannot change the course of the battle, as General Withers withdraws back to Pelham.

Union assault decisive and strong Confederate riposte unable to save the battle

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