27 October, 2008

Gallwitz Returns!

Overwhelmed by British sorties and heavily outnumbered, Jasta 12 calls in their old pilot Hauptmann Gallwitz, (leading ace from their days of Arras last April) who recently joined Jasta 2.

Gallwitz climbs to intercept the British photo reconnaisance mission: Two Bristol Fighters escorting a RE8. One of the Bristol Fighters has begun very high indeed, but has scorned the chance to dive on Gallwitz's Albatross III.

The other Bristol Fighter pilot takes a more measured approach, staying level and gunning at the Albatross at extreme range to attempt to put Gallwitz off.

Evading cover, Gallwitz hits Barker's R8

Gallwitz is not to be disuaded and with a calm eye, taking full account of the RE8 speed and deflection puts several bursts into the British two-seater, as well as shooting up the Bristol Fighter as the RE8 zooms by. One of his shots kills the observer in the RE8, and as Lieutenant Barker passes over the recon target he realises that the mission is a bust.

Killing Barker's observer

He speeds up and turns away into a dive, attempting to get away from Gallwitz, but he need not fear. Gallwitz has completed his mission and steals away himself.

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