13 November, 2008

The Slow Build-Up

Tennessee Campaign, 1863
News from the Front, August 31st
- September 16th

August 31st

After being defeated by the resurgent Union force at Hillsboro, Withers withdraws his division south-westwards towards Decherd.

Over towards Loudon, Hascall advances 1st Division of the XXIII Corps up to the Tennessee.

September 1st

Withers continues his retreat to Winchester.

September 2nd

Under increasing pressure from Burnside's Corps, Buckner makes it across the Tennessee, where Jackson's Brigade hold the fortifications around Loudon.

September 3rd

Negley advances towards Tullahoma. Will Cleburne feel the brunt of the Union assault at the Confederate advance base of operations?
Cleburne scouts out the nearby division commanded by Sheridan, finding it somewhat below strength.

September 5th

With the Confederate garrison gone, Carter's division marches into Knoxville.

September 6th

Mitchell's division occupies Beech Grove, helping to secure the Union's line of supply.

Further to the east, McLaw's recently arrived division arrives in Cleveland, beginning the long march northwards to Loudon.
Pegram trails behind, marching to Harrison

September 8th

Hascall scouts across the Tennessee, and discovers that Buckner's division is quite strong.

Palmer, out of supply and somewhat isolated digs in at Hillsboro to await resupply or reinforcements before he advances.

September 9th

Longstreet gains some major boons from the highest command, as significant railway stock is put at his disposal. A large mass of supplies is moved northwards along the line to Athens, within easy reach of Loudon (but under no threat from Burnside's forces)
Wharton's Cavalry Division is put under Longstreet's temporary control, in order to effect some raiding on Union lines, while Polk concentrates on fortifying his positions.

September 10th

Scouting on Davis' division shows it to be a mere scratch force; obviously regiments are being concentrated elsewhere.

September 11th

Sheridan's division moves into Bell Buckle, strengthening the inevitable move towards Tullahoma

At Loudon, Buckner takes command of Jackson's Brigade in the defence of the strong fortifications there.

September 15th

Withers fortifies Winchester.
Wood's division moves towards Murfressboro, obviously Crittenden is still very worried about Forrest's raiding in the vicinity.

September 16th

Rousseau's division is examined closely by scouting forces: are the Confederates planning a counterattack?
Near Murfressboro, an attempt is made to bring Forrest to battle, but the wizard of guerrilla warfare escapes once more!

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