27 October, 2008

Classic Duel

Sopwith Camel vs. Fokker DrI
27th November 1917

Lieutenant Light is out testing his new Sopwith Camel, when he spots a German plane below him in the distance.

Light out on patrol in new Sopwith Camel

Leutnant Loffler climbs up towards his enemy in the new Fokker DrI.

Loffler climbs beneath him in the new Fokker DrI

As Loffler rolls through Light's initial attack and climbs up behind him, Light curses the lack of a rear gunner in the nimble single-seater Sopwith.

The Camel has no rear gunner

From above the small and nimble shape of the Fokker Drei-Decker is apparent.

The tiny size of the triple-decker

Light attempts to scuttle back to safety over his own lines, but the Fokker's twin machine-guns take him down.

Light pays the ultimate price

Does a new Fokker scourge menace the Royal Flying Corps?

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