27 October, 2008

The Fokker meets its match

27th November 1917

With minor repairs, Loffler heads out once more in his Fokker Dr.I; coming across two Bristol Fighters, he is unsure of the wisdom of engaging, but when one of the British surges ahead of his wingman, Loffler decides to take his chance.

Milne and Olly seek revenge

Despite inflicting heavy damage on Lieutenant Milne's Bristol Fighter (which has jammed its forward gun) Loffler finds himself being shot up by overlapping fields of fire. The Fokker is quite fragile all things considered. He decides to turn for home.

Loffler decides discretion is the better part of valour

With his wing struts making alarming noises, Loffler pushes the Fokker into a dive, safe from Lieutenant Olly's guns. A speculative shot from Milne's rear gunner sends the German pilot to his doom.

As Olly hammers away at the Albatross, a long range shot from Milne seals his fate

Good old Bristol Figher! Manouevrable and with a sting in the tail...

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