25 October, 2008

Morning Patrol

Over Cambrai
The massive British offensive at Cambrai in 1917 uses tanks en-masse for the first time. The Royal Flying Corps goes on the offensive to scout and to harass the Germans in support of what surely will be the decisive breakthrough...
Will the British avenge their stunning defeat of April? Or will the Hun be too cunning for them again!?

Morning Patrol
25th November 1917

Captain Luxmore-Curtis of 48 Squadron takes his Bristol Fighter up on morning patrol. Below him and climbing is a German Albatross III from Jasta 12. These two formations have crossed swords before, over Arras sixth months earlier.
His speed is too great though, allowing the German aircraft to bank behind him as it climbs.

Captain Luxmore-Curtis miscalculates his airspeed

Ober Leutnant Plange slots in behind the Englishman, who allows himself to be tailed far too easily. Even with the Bristol Fighter's rear gun threatening, he does not require a second invitation.

Ober Leutnant Plange gets behind the Bristol Fighter

The German sticks to his tail, coasting in very close and doing terrible damage to the sturdy British aircraft.

'Lucky' Luxie can't shake the Albatross DIII

As Luxmore-Curtis tries diving for the lines, another burst from the Albatross destroys the airframe, sending him to a fiery death.

and is raked from stem to stern by the deadly Spandau

Squadron 48 immediately sends up another section to take back control of the skies from the Germans...

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