30 June, 2010

Rebel Scum!

A platoon of the Liberation Army of Novaya Sakha.

Rebel Pointmen

Rebel Pointmen

1st Squad advance beyond some felled timber

1st Squad

2nd Squad take cover behind some crates

2nd Squad

3rd Squad cover as a downed volunteer gets treatment from a medic.

3rd Squad with Medic

Reserve Squad trudges across open ground

Reserve Squad

Sniper team moves towards a firing position

Rebel Sniper Team

The entire flying column

Rebel Platoon

This is a real hodge-podge of lines, coming from GZG's Free Cal-Tex, Dutch Mercenary and Mercenary lines (I intend to add some Indonesian Commonwealth to this at some stage)


  1. Looking great as usual, can't wait to see more.

  2. So when are we going to see the indonesians?


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