12 June, 2010

West German Brigade

A Cold War gone Hot force I picked up recently. I'll have to get Cold war Commander to confirm but this seems like a reasonable organisation (I may also pick up some helos)

Brigade HQ with AA battery, an M-109 Artillery battalion (along with their FAO), and two F-4s as air support (with a FAC)

West German - Brigade HQ

An understrength Garrison battalion, with their M-113s

West German - Garrison Battalion

A Panzergrenadier battalion, with their Marder IFVs and a supporting reinforced company of Leopard 2s

West German - Panzer Grenadier Battalion

A Panzer battalion, in Leopard 1A5s, with a company of mechanised infantry and a supporting platoon of ATGW Jaguars

West German - 'A' Panzer Battalion

Another Panzer battalion *snap*

West German - 'B' Panzer Battalion

The entire Brigade

West German - Entire Brigade

Warsaw Pact opposing force to follow...

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