23 January, 2011

The American Mission

Deep in the highlands of West Africa a new American Mission is under threat...

Porters move through jungle, led by a trusty native guide
Porters move through jungle

Nkunda hears rustling in the undergrowth and investigates
Trusty Native Guide

Two Achillobators stalk past a small ridge
Two Achillobators stalking

Meanwhile, at the Johnston farmstead

Three Raptors rush in towards the farmhouse
Raptors rush in towards farmhouse

Mr. Chandler eyes up his dinner
Chandler eyes up Dinner

Two Raptors move through the high grass
Raptors move through the high grass

The explorers spring into action
Explorers spring into action

Captain Lewis and his men take stock of the sitution
Captain Lewis and his men

A lookout on the water tower takes careful aim on Raptors
Lookout takes aim on Raptors

On the Trinity Gamers forum recently the touted creation* of a giant 3D Space Crusade/Hulk game following a quasi-drunken challenge prompted me to promise dinosaur hunting in 28mm (the gaming equivalent of eating my hat, since I've already done it in 10mm!). And so my fate was sealed, not to mention my game for Gaelcon in October...

*More correctly a resurrection, given it was first created in 2002 after a quasi-drunken challenge.


  1. In my defence there was a second drunken challenge...

  2. Great, dinos!
    Love the "Lost World" adventures :-)

  3. Donogh- first up sorry if we completely mangled the pronunciation of your name. It would not be the first time, and it certainly won't be the last time we've failed to pronounce something correctly!

    Secondly- you won our WWPD News From the front T-shirt giveaway! Head over to whatwouldpattondo.net and click the link to the shirts. Have a look at them and pick out a size/design/color and e-mail me at WWPDPodCast@gmail.com with that information and an address and I'll send it out to you ASAP!

  4. I love Lost World stuff as well and have been collecting and toying with some of my own for awhile. Love your collection, especially the raptors, and a nice blog in general.



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