27 January, 2011

Who Will Save Them?

As part of the discussion of my new 28mm Pulp Dinosaur-Hunting project I was wondering who might be able to save the hapless civilians and adventurers from the dreaded monsters.

Some standard pulp saviours suggested themselves - but I'm leaving this completely up to you guys! There's a poll on the blog (top right-hand corner) where you can cast your vote.

The Royal Navy
by Pulp Figures

I realise that these figures are actually Americans but the line is very nice and includes unarmed deck hands too...

The United States Marine Corps
by Pulp Figures

The Germans
by Pulp Figures

Native Warriors
by Dixon Miniatures

Now I'm not 100% that these would be the native warriors concerned - I might go for something in the Ngoni/Zulu line, or maybe switch to Central/South America and go for something along lost Mayan or Amazon tribe lines.

by Pulp Figures

Now I admit it, I was looking for a fifth option here and rather than go for French Foreign Legion or something I though I'd offer something a bit odd - while The Mob doesn't have exclusive rights on trench-coats, tommy-guns or cigars - the prospect of seeing Joey 'Two-Fingers' Salvato turn his Chicago typewriter on Raptors is immensely appealing to many.

You will note that the vote (open to Trinity Gamers for a week now) currently shows that their appetite for such cheesy incongruity cannot be restrained!


  1. They are all very nice - voted for the Brits, but really like the natives alot.


  2. I like the look of them too Frank. A pity there's only a few packs of 4 available


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