05 April, 2011

The Battle of Blasthof Bridge

First of the games played at the weekend was an adaptation of the classic Battle of Blasthof Bridge for C&C Napoleonics.

Both sides move onto the board using the usual command cards, which can give a player enough rope to hang himself! I found my right flank dangerously weak and unable to use several cards there.

French cross the river upstream from Blasthof

French cross the river upstream

British guns set up at a frightening pace, but their cannonade lacks accuracy and their position, though threatening is dangerously vulnerable

British guns set up at a frightening pace

The general leads the way, holding the bridge for quite some time before being forced back

Holding the bridge

French batteries lay into advancing British

French batteries lay into advancing British

French glory as they wipe out the charging British!

French glory as they wiped out charging British

British overlook the bridge

British overlook the bridge

British dragooons cross river

British cross river

Mass charge wipes out British guns

Mass charge wiped out British guns

British cavalry repulsed, but they have done their job and prevented a timely destruction of the bridge.

British cavalry repulsed

I'm not sure how this plays with Charge! but it may be that the bridge is too far away from the starting point, especially given that you're not guaranteed a move with units in C&C. The timeline might just be too tight in that regard.

We played the game again, but with a looser ruling on what consituted control of the bridge. If the retreating force had more units adjancent or on the bridge than the attackers, then they controlled the bridge. Unfortunately I forgot that we also shortened the turns required for this from 6 to 4 and neglected to contest when I thought it was pointless. I also had a dry run in the centre (a typical excuse from a defeated C&C player!)

The performance of the French lancers was again outstanding, managing to pin three British units in square, and doing severe damage to two of them over the duration

[2] French lancers terrorise British infantry

I may take a look at Sittangbad myself as this was a challenging scenario with definite re-play value.


  1. Interesting adaptation of a classic battle. Looking forward to more.

  2. Thanks Dale - I need to hunt down some game reports of Sittingbad before I start adapting it to C&C...

  3. Nice to see old classics given new life. Here is a battle report of the game being played with Charge! albeit in the mid-19thC. I don't know C&C but more game turns are probably in order. In the original, time is not really much of a constraint given the movement vs distance.



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