26 April, 2011

We Salute You!

Over the past week or so, various bloggers around the place have been recounting their Salute experiences. With a new(ish) baby in the house, I am forced to life vicariously through them. (Heading over to London for the weekend is more than my life is worth...) Enjoy!

General Roundups

Neil and Henry recount the entire affair on Meeples & Miniatures

The Gallipoli game grabbed BigRedBat's attention (and to be honest this was one which had hit my radar well before the show)

Steve counts down his top 10 over on his Random Musings English Civil War appears to have grabbed his attention this year and who'd blame him! His Top 5

Giles gives us a nice selection of photos on Tarleton's Quarter, including a great all-singing all-dancing rendering of Operation Barras (Sierra Leone hostage rescue)

Mike gives it a quick once-over on MiniStories. He's painted up the freebie miniature already!

Ashley gives us a nice blow by blow of her day over on Paint it Pink.

While I don't think he made it over (from Australia!) The Man Cave highlights a few nice photos of the Battle of Maldon

Ray notices a lot of the games which caught my eye over on Don't Throw a One, plus some nice ones from a World War One trenches game. More

Some great photos from Sidney of Roundwood's World

Surprise attack by the Japanese on the Americans on the Solomon's in this brilliant Aeronef game. Steve of Yours in a White Wine Sauce gives us a nice gallery, including this coastal facility

Fran, aka Angry Lurker gives us a nice tour of the show

A brief summary, but some lovely closeups of a couple of games from Dinium's Loft

Tomsche of Societa di Archeologia e Cimeli took a great selection of photos including this American Civil War blockade running affair

6 Mil Phil has a huge selection of eye candy for our perusal including a nice Abyssinia (I think) game

Iron Mitten is a big English Civil War fan too! More

A late entry (I only discovered the blog today) from Paul at Sho3box. He's spotted some nice games, including this table from Antenociti's Workshop

The Demonstrators

Gruntz demo their 15mm sci-fi game, and also takes a quick look at some new releases from GZG and CMG. The entire thing, figures, vehicles and table looks fantastic, and it's very nice to see some good high-rise buildings in play.

The Rather Large Towton Project finally got its day, This is a fantastic display of what is possible using 6mm. Hats off to Ruaridh et al. Glad to see their effort was rewarded with 'The Most Impressive Troops'.

An Evil Giraffe conspired to produce a gruesome Cthulhu-esque (or is it Doctor Who-ish) Cluedo game

Another English Civil war game, this time from Saxon Dog

I've been following the Verneuil project over on Harness and Array for months now and I'm happy that it got 'Best Demo' for this pain-stakingly well-researched collaborative effort.

A great urban firefight from Akula's Battlefield

Brandlin's highly anticipated game shows off his gorgeous terrain work. Some photoshopped skullduggery on the background - but it's all good

Not a blog entry, but some photos posted over on The Guild from The Escape Committee's Cold War Gone Hot game (featuring the French against the Soviets for a change). Apparently, this is them throwing together something at the last minute!

It's not up on their site yet, but the Loughton Strike Force ran this amazing-looking Budapest 1945 game. Winner of 'Best in Show' I believe.

Steve of Bleaseworld has a great eye for a photo, and has compiled a rockin' video too!

Hats off to all those who ran games. Maybe next year...


  1. Christ that's a good round up and report my friend, far better than mine and I was there......good work Donogh.

  2. Thanks for that round up. A couple of the blogs I had read their reports already but I must now go and have a look at the other reports.

    And I'm sure the new baby will be in amongst your toys soon enough!!

  3. You are correct - I didn't make it to Salute from Australia (wish I had though), but I was totally inspired by the amazing pics and reports, just like you!

    Best wishes with the little gamer - about 5 was when I was able to start converting my Lad to wargaming! Now its a great excuse to spend more money on a hobby we both enjoy, as well as some quality time together.


  4. Just sayin', but Paint-it-Pink is female, so she went around the show and all... :-)

  5. @Ashley - Oops! Apologies

  6. Hi Donogh, thanks for the plug :)

    It was my first Salute and I enjoyed it a lot. I will be making an effort to get there again next year.

    "You may remember me from such gaming conventions as Warpcon, Leprecon, Conpulsion or Gaelcon..."

    Actually I *think* that you and I played my only game of Kryomek in Jurys in Cork back in 1993. Am I talking to *that* Donagh?

    Lovely blog by the way, well deserving of the stylish award. Well done :)

  7. Hi Paul,
    Indeed, that was me!
    Having just discovered your blog the other day I still have to work my way through yours properly.


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