22 May, 2011

A Good Day to Die - Scenario

A scenario for Tomorrow's War...I hope to play it next weekend


The Prefecture has stepped up efforts to locate the Sakhan Liberation Army in the Anabar area. Forces have been pulled from the Wŭwēi and Hànhai garrison battalions to scour the countryside for any sign of their presence. Minor skirmishes and ambushes have been widespread. A HCPS patrol has encountered a strong SLA presence near the failed mining centre of Sagatay and in moving in to clear out the insurgent forces. Unbeknownst to the HCPS they have happened across a major stronghold of the rebellion…

Art by WiredGear


Kill as many of the rebels as possible and prevent them from disengaging until reinforcements can encircle them.


Hold the HQ until all sensitive data can be removed and then evacuate as many personnel as possible.


Two large ridges overlook a small valley, covered in rough ground and scrub.
A small copse of trees tops the northern ridgeline.
A small bunker lies under the southern ridge, surrounded by supply crates and mining spoil.


Human Co-Prosperity Sphere
Type: Regular
Confidence Level: OK
Supply Level: Well-Supplied
Tech Level: 2
Networked Command (Grid): None (TL2)
Body Armor: Light Body Armor (+1)
Troop Quality/Morale: D8/D8

The Scout Team is commanded by an NCO and comprises one fire team (3xIWs, 1xSAW) (at Z)

ZSL-12 (Armoured Personnel Carrier) (at X)

1st Squad is commanded by an NCO and comprises two fire teams (2xIWs, 1xSAW), (2xIWs, 1xSAW) (at X)

Weapons Team (1xHMG, 2xIWs) (at Y)

2nd Squad is commanded by an NCO and comprises two fire teams (2xIWs, 1xAT), (3xIWs) (at Z)

ZFB-35 (Light Tank) (at Z)

Power Armour Squad is commanded by an NCO and comprises just one fire team (2xIWs, 1xGPMG). They will deploy in two pairs. (at X & Z)


Sakhan Mercenaries
Type: Regular
Confidence Level: High
Supply Level: Well-Supplied
Tech Level: 2
Networked Command (Grid): None
Body Armor: Light Body Armor (+1)
Troop Quality/Morale: D8/D10

SLA Liaison – Regular Sakhan Mercenary officer usually attached to SLA Militia (TQ D8) (at 2)

Technicians (3x Pistols) (TQ D6) (at C)
Drone Team comprises three tracked Smart Bots armed with SAWs (at C)

1st Squad is commanded by a squad leader and comprises three fire teams (3xIWs, 1x SAW), (3xIWs, 1xAT), (4xIWs) (at 1, 2 & 3)

2nd Squad is commanded by a squad leader, and comprises two fire teams (3xIWs, 1x SAW), (3xIWs, 1xAT), Elusive, No Body Armour (at 4 & 5)

Sakhan Sniper Team (TQ D10) (1xSniper Rifle, 1xIW), Elusive, No Body Armour (at 6)

BR-5 Armoured Car (at A)
BR-4 Armoured Car (at B)


Fog of War cards are generated by reaction tests as normal.


The Grid

Due to the distance from the regional capital, the HCPS force does not have access to The Grid.

Sentry Bots (at D)

The two sentry bots are basically small immobile pill-boxes. Treat them as bots for firing/reaction etc. (6D: AP. 3D: AT (L)) and as light vehicles (4D8 Defence Dice) for taking damage. Also has Active Point Defence.

Sakhan HQ

The SLA HQ building hosts a wealth of operational data which would be invaluable to the HCPS campaign to suppress the rebellion.

There are nine tranches of usable data, and any of the Sakhan technicians who enter the building can sanitise a portion of the data by succeeding a TQ test. The technician will suffer a -1 to the die roll if the HQ is damaged in an attack during the turn.

The HQ building itself counts as a fortified position (+4 Defense Dice) (6D10 Building Strength Dice)



Each Sakhan Unit reduced to or below half strength +1
Each Sakhan Vehicle disabled or destroyed +2
Sakhan HQ occupied +3
Per tranche of data left in Sakhan HQ +1


Each HCPS Unit wiped out or out of LOS of the HQ +1
Each HCPS Vehicle disabled or destroyed +2
Each SLA Unit escapes +1
Each tranche of HQ data sanitised +1
SLA Liaison escapes +1

A pdf is available here

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