25 May, 2011

A Good Day to Die - Setup

Set up the scenario so I'm ready to rock 'n' roll on Saturday. I've switched to more desert-like terrain, with a different mat and more scrub and rough ground. I'm also using some SnapDragon Studios crates and mining spoil to give some flavour (and cover!)

The view from the Sakhan lines

Sakhan HQ

Left flank of the attack

HCPS Left Flank

The right flank, with the heavy MG team in the ridgetop wood

HCPS Right Flank

Sakhan armoured car on the ridgeline with the light troops

Sakhan BR-5

Other armoured car beside HQ - getting a once-over from a techie. These two vehicles are from DLD Productions - sadly unavailable directly, but I got lucky over on TMP lately
Sakhan BR-4

Sakhan defensive positions

Sakhan Defensive Positions

One of the sentry bots. I've no idea where these come from, I chanced across two of them on ebay one day. The gun turrets turn too!

Sentry Bot

Hopefully I'll get around to posting photos and a report on Sunday or Monday.


  1. The table looks nice.

    All of that in depth prep has me looking forward to the AAR :)


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