29 September, 2011

The Battle of 9/11

A Company has been patrolling out of FOB Inkerman all day in response to intelligence reports. Simultaneously all over Helmand ISAF troops have been making heavy contacts with the Taliban. A mile and a half out of the FOB the marines begin to notice strange activity – there’s a small pause as both sides go for cover and then all hell breaks loose…

The Taliban lie in wait along the British route Taliban lie in wait British move towards landing zone British move towards landing zone Firing at Taliban compound ahead - a Taliban DShK is behind the compound wall, supported by a rooftop sniper Firing at Taliban compound The Taliban threat is wiped out in short order, this fire team moves in to clear the compound Moving in to clear compound On the other flank, the Taliban who stood and fought are outgunned and this lone survivor takes point blank fire as the British shut down the rat run Shutting down hotspot A suspicious civilian approaches a fireteam on the right flank - they see IED wiring under the clothes and shoot to kill Suspicious civilian approaches The last Taliban group on this side of the Landing Zone is forced into the fields Pushing Taliban back into fields British fire team begin closing the net around the LZ - their counterparts are clearing the market on the other side Closing the net Taking refuge in large tomb - this overlooks the LZ and will provide a good base of fire for the final sweep Taking refuge in large tomb A huge group of Taliban arrives just beside the LZ! Huge group of Taliban arrive Firing on British in tomb - which turns out to be a death-trap. Walls made of polystyrene it seems Firing on British in tomb The Landing Zone is still hotly contested, and some careful manoeuvring is required for the British to ferret out the Taliban LZ still contested A victory for the British - one KIA, but their methodical closing down of the hotspots won them the day


  1. Cry God for Harry, England and St. George!

  2. Excellent - how do you manage ambush when both sides are on the tabletop??

  3. Thanks Steve,
    In this scenario there's no real ambush. Actually in real life the British noticed guys standing suspiciously along their route and it's as if both group tacitly acknowledged that there was going to be a fight and ran for cover. Then everyone opened fire!

    But in an ambush situation - a hidden unit can engage an opposing unit at its leisure. Unless a unit gets very close it can't spot the hidden unit until it opens fire.

  4. Aah.... so in an ambush game you'd use hidden deployment??


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