01 September, 2011

Cold War Stays Hot

The second annual Guild Big Game was run a couple of weeks ago. A direct sequel to the last big game, unfortunately Real Life intervened and attendance wasn't as strong as last year (more Warsaw Pact players were able to turn up than NATO players - maybe global communism is proof against recession!). Nonetheless a monster Cold War bash in 20mm.

Here's some of the photos:

Soviet Hind wreaks havoc

Leopard IIs moving through urban area

Soviets crossing the river

German infantry prepares defence

Summary of Game

More Photos

Next year the Guild Big Game is back in Ireland for the African Warlords game. Better get my ducks in a row...


  1. And gentlemen now abed in England shall think themselves accursed they were not there.

  2. Very cool! What colors did you use to paint those West Germans?

  3. Hi Austin,
    None of those are mine (unfortunately!)
    If you head over to the Guild (links at the bottom of the post) you may be able to find some work-in-progress photos etc.


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