20 December, 2011

Inch by Inch

As the Mujahideen from Lezhi retreated south a small Mujahideen force blocked the Manay Kandow pass. The Soviets want to dislodge them before the main Mujahideen force has a chance to regroup and prepare the defences.

A switchback trail passes by a few small compounds - difficult ground held by a rearguard of committed Mujahideen

Manay Kandow Pass

The rest of the platoon participates in the operation, led by the Lieutenant (the Senior NCO is still invalided out) and backed by 3rd Squad's BMP-1 and another BRDM-2 from battalion reconnaisance.

Soviets enter the first village

They are joined by a paratroop sniper team, taking cover behind the armoured car.

VDV Sniper Team

The platoon PKM team takes position on the rooftop and immediately zeroes in on a lurking RPG team at the far side of this section of trail - the tankies in the unit breathe a sigh of relief

Machine Gun sets up

The BRDM's happiness is quickly extinguished as another Muhajahideen group avoids its heavy machine gun and lets loose with an RPG - knocking out the armoured car - one of the crew is seriously injured and the rest drag him back to cover.
The BMP barrels around the corner and opens fire on them, causing havoc but more importantly killing the RPG gunner

Mujahideen outflanked

Another VDV fireteam runs on, this is going to be more of a challenge than the Lieutenant thought - these paratroopers are heading straight for the ridgeline. It'll be difficult to get over, but if they get there without delay they'll be able to control the entire area

VDV team trots on

A Mujahideen group in a small copse advance quickly to a lone house on the other side of the ridge - from here they'll be able to drive back the stripey-shirted Soviets!

Mujahideen advance to lone house

Another brave move from the BMP crew - they careen around the sharp bend in the trail and drive the Mujahideen out of the house

Forced off rooftop by BMP

The paratroopers make it onto the ridgeline without incident and set up on overwatch - someone's got to save those ground pounders!

Paratroopers set overwatch

The Lieutenant, leading the second team out of 2nd Squad to the ridgeline in support of the paratroopers, finds a warmer welcome there. Two men go down - fire is coming at them from all angles

Platoon HQ taking fire

Some men from 3rd squad race across open ground to clear the large building at the end of the first switchback and despite some heavy resistance they clear that compound

Clearing out second settlement

The platoon crosses the ridgeline in force, taking control of the lone house and setting it up as an impromptu casualty centre (one of those hit on the ridgeline is dead and another lightly wounded)

Across the ridge in force

Running behind the BMP looking for another commanding position, the sniper team is caught in the open, but their quick reflexes and some support from the BMP drive back the Mujahideen lurking in the wood

Snipers caught in the open

Taking that copse of trees, the Soviets prepare to tackle the last compound - their timeline set by Company HQ is almost up

Tackling the last compound

The Mujahideen group which had been resisting from the compound wall, falls back under pressure and holds out behind the main building

Holding out

The BMP drives through the gate and the Mujahideen are quickly wiped out. A good success for the platoon - the men look approvingly at this new Lieutenant - beaten up badly just yesterday he's bounced back with the result!


  1. Ah the Afghans back when they were noble savages on the front line against Soviet aggression.

  2. @Conrad - you say that every time you see Soviets vs Afghans!
    @Brummie - thanks and welcome


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