01 December, 2011

Pike and Shot - A Sense of Scale

Having written a set of rules for Pike and Shot (I'm sure that my gaming companions won't let me ignore those British Civil Wars for long!) I really should put together a collection to fight massed battles with them.

However the question of what size miniatures to use is still open.

As I see the issue, I really want a sense of mass on the battlefield, so I'm ignoring the larger scales and considering 10mm, 6mm or 2mm only.
I'm inclining towards 6mm (given I have a lot of 6mm already) but await your decision. The poll is in the top-right hand corner of the blog.

To help you to make a decision before entering the polling booth, I'm going to link to a few blog posts from others who are using the miniatures I'm considering


From The Warrior Pole


From Keep Your Powder Dry


From Fighting Fantastist

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  1. I use 2mm for Napoleonic gaming with Volley and Bayonet and it looks bloody impressive on the table. The other thing to remember with 2mm is that the scenery (which is both cheap as and easily homemade-able) is also tiny, so you really can get sweeping vistas, burning cities and rivers like the Amazon on your board =]


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