20 March, 2012


A HCPS main battle tank has broken down, straining to climb a steep hill it suffered a loss of power and now it’s immobile and other systems are on the blink. An engineer team and an infantry escort have been sent back to get it back in action.

Art by Sanchiko

Nearby Sakhan Liberation Army forces have spotted an opportunity to strike at both elements.

Route open

The militia squad escorting the heavy tank hugs cover and goes on overwatch

Militia squad on overwatch

A Rebel column lies in wait for the relief, they want to bag both halves of the Human Co-Prosperity Sphere mission

Rebels lying in wait

One unlucky cell gets pounced on by the MICV, which heads off-road and opens up with its machine guns. It's about now that a superstitous dread comes over the tank crew - unless someone actually fires directly at them, their overwatch is going to be very relaxed...

Smoke 'em out

The other flank moves quietly through the park along the roadside, they're covering the nearby sniper and anti-tank weapons teams

Through the park

With all the fire being exchange between units in the buildings the the tank, it's no surprise that one of the factories erupts into flame, causing two firmly ensconed rebel units to run out onto the road to get to safety

Evacuating the factory

They're cut down as they do so - though the nearer unit seems to be on stims of some sort, as they all continue to trade fire with the HCPS militia across the street!

Cut down

Finally the anti-tank team gets a bead on the immobilised tank and puts a round straight down the spout! The tank's turret flies in the air in what must have been a plasma explosion

Tank turret explodes

As the MICV rounds the corner, some of the surviving rebels pinned down in the street react. One steely-nerved rebel takes careful aim with his anti-armour weapon and damages the vehicles drive system before it opens up

Keeping his nerve

The infantry disembark and make short work on the remaining rebels on the road


They're in no mood for the rules of warfare and none of the rebels are taken alive

Rebels cleaned out

It's too late for the tank though the militia are glad for an escort back to base. It's been a terrible campaign for the Human Co-Prosperity Sphere, surely High Command will send some decent levels of reinforcement to hold the rebel onslaught and take back Hanhai...


  1. Sweet report - love the minis and Urban table setup!

  2. Those Co-Prosperity troops just aren't trying hard enough. Revoke their dividend and share priveldges. That'll teach em to threaten profits with poor performance.

  3. Great set up and splendid report!

  4. Donogh, i've been wanting to play in one of your demos for ages but you keep going to the events that I don't go to.

    Do you have plans for any future ones in Dublin? If I know about it in advance I'll try and make it :)

  5. Thanks guys
    @Greg: Considering doing Hobocon in June, but not sure yet. Plan on heading down to Kilkenny for Conspiracy in September as well.
    For Gaelcon though, I'm doing some Pulp for a change of pace.
    I'm gonig to see if I can arrange a demo night in Gamers World though at some stage...stay tuned

    1. Thanks Donogh.

      I'll keep an eye out.

  6. Glad to see technology is as reliable in the future as it is today.


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