15 March, 2012

Executive Departure

Heymans Yamada’s senior executive in Hanhai needs to be extracted from HQ before the entire city comes under SLA control – some HY teams have come under attack since the HCPS has used the corporation to support its effort to secure its assets.

Art by Sanchiko

The close protection unit assembles outside the Operational Centre, but there's now signs that it may have to run the gauntlet

Running the Gauntlet

A short distance away at an ad-hoc landing site, the corporate shuttle awaits. A team (armed with an anti-tank missile launcher) awaits at the barricade and nearby a two-man team equipped with Landmates powersuits patrols

At the Interface Shuttle

With drones deployed and the Executive arriving at the car, the unit is ready to go

Ready to set off

A Sakhan mercenary team pops up on a rooftop and opens fire - the security team see them off in short order

Mercenaries open up

Suddenly the Heymans Yamada Grid goes down - more Sakhans open up from both sides and the rear security team loses it bottle and retreats behind a building

Withdrawing to cover

With the Landmate team trying to figure out what's going on, they won't be heading to help out the Executive's protection team soon. The front team heads behind another structure, giving covering fire as they go

Covering Fire

One of the Sakhan armoured cars makes a dash across the road, just breaking the security team's missile launcher aimed down its length

Crossing open ground

A team of Sakhans, joined by a gunbot unit lurks in an alleyway, not ready to take on that perimeter security team, but not feeling confident about those Landmates behind them either

Lurking in an alleyway

The powersuits get into the action, cutting a swathe through the Sakhan mercs.

Powersuits get stuck in

With most of the close protection team pinned down, the bodyguards ditch the plan to take the vehicles and start to make their way on foot - presumably the Landmates will join up with them

Rush across the road

The second Sakhan armoured car and two light infantry teams combine fire on one of the security teams

Mercenaries combine fire

That team, now rooftop gets hit pretty bad - in fact with a heavy ant-tank guided missile send into the building it collapses

Rooftop team gets hit hard

That building destruction leaves the security teams' defence plan in tatters - and with fire coming in from several angles, there's only a couple of the Heymans Yamada men still standing

Corporate perimeter in tatters

The team lying in the rubble are overrun, and none are left alive

Team in rubble overrun

The infantry teams with the gunbots in the alleyway have taken a pasting, but a well-aimed shot from the plasma gun has knocked out and killed one of the powersuit pilots

Holding off relief

In a race to capture the Executive before aid can reach them (and in an effort to avoid the fire of the now advancing perimeter security team) the armoured car goes offroad around the destroyed building

Driving around the long way

That perimeter team is making good progress, overrunning a Sakhan sniper team and another four-man fireteam in the wooded area by the road

LaAst ditch effort

A Sakhan team corners the Executive and starts to bundle her away

Executive taken

A final last ditch effort by the Heymans Yamada relief team is blocked by the second armoured car driving in front of their line of fire

Armoured car blocks line of fire

The second powersuit goes down and a lone Sakhan merc tentatively approches it to check

Powersuit goes down

At the end, someone's going to lose their job at Heymans Yamada - the mercenaries stuck to their task, and things could have gone either way by the end.
One question remains, how did the Grid get knocked down so easily by the rebels...


  1. Great AAR. Nice looking table and miniatures as well. Love the camo on the apc

  2. Great report. Those mercs obviously wanted the woman bad. Sounds like a close game.

  3. Sounds like a close fight. Very imaginative, rather like a David Weber novel come to life. Good stuff.

  4. Really cool scenario. Can't wait to read the rest of this ongoing mini campaign. You have quite the imagination!


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