09 May, 2012

Lead Painters' League Concludes

Round 10 is underway over on the Lead Painters' League and maybe it's the fact that people have had more time to prepare for the maritime theme of the round, but there's some astounding work out there this week.

As always I'm not picking out my favourite pieces, but I'm hoping to highlight a few match-ups which are (or ought to be) very close

Pirates v Buccaneers vs. On China Station

Salty Sea Dogs vs. On the Nile

Sikhs vs. SBS vs Kriegsmarine

Capture of the Griffon vs. Frog Gigging Gone Wrong (15mm)

Return of the Mariner vs. Suebi Riders

If you have the chance, head over to cast your votes

1 comment:

  1. I think this years competition has been a real High Light of the year so far - some fantastic images of beautifully painted miniatures.



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