18 May, 2012

Road to Basrah

The Iraqi plan for the defence of Basrah is to suck the attackers in and grind them down in an urban battle which will dull the appetite of the British and American people for the war. The Coalition is refusing to play this game and will conduct a series of raids and psychological operations against the Iraqis, wearing down their will to fight, while the main invasion force rolls northwards to Baghdad.

Az Zubayr is a small town sitting astride a major junction just south-west of Basrah and it is here that the Coalition plan is first put into effect.

Tomorrow I'll be running five linked scenarios using Force on Force for Trinity Gamers. Originally I would have envisaged doing the Basrah campaign using my British forces, but a little counterfactual has some Iraqi regular forces sitting astride the US Marine Corps' advance...


  1. sounds interesting can't wait for more

  2. Looking forward to the AAR

  3. Thanks guys - will upload photos tonight, so if you're lucky you might see the first report as well. Otherwise it'll be tomorrow.


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