10 August, 2012

Solo November?

I think Solo November was organised as a one-off last year (the whole 11-11-11 thing).

Well, I had a lot of fun last time so I'm going to do something similar again come this year.

Some options jump out at me:

  1. Play a series of Special Ops missions
    Using a selection of my 20mm moderns with Force on Force
  2. Play Napoleon's struggle against Austria
    Using my 6mm French and Austrians (from Baccus) with C&C Napoleonics
  3. Play a Cold War Gone Hot campaign
    Using my 6mm miniatures for either Cold War Commander or Memoir '84 (hat-tip to Oisin for his Cold War variant of '44) if I can't get my head around CWC for solo
  4. Pit the Mob against the Marines in a Caribbean Port
    Using my 28mm collection for Perilous Trail
  5. Continue the high medieval First War of Ruritanian Succession
    Using my 28mm Bretonnians, probably for Dux Britanniarum (just arrived in the post on Wednesday)
  6. Storm the beaches of Saipan, 1944
    Using my 6mm Marines & Japanese (from Irregular) Memoir '44
So polling is open on the top-right corner of the blog. I've left the voting a multiple choice so if more than one takes your fancy feel free to click them.



  1. Hmm... the poll seems to have forgotten who I am. I assume this allows for Gorman-esque multivote shenanigans.

    1. Re. 'Voting Early, Voting Often' - I've done a bit of testing and I'm not entirely convinced that it does actually count your vote a second time, although it does *appear* to allow you to vote again.

      Of course, if Gorman is moving IP Address and deleting cookies and such to stuff the ballot boxes, he was going to be first against the wall anyway!


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