14 August, 2012

The Lost Treasure of Annobón

An ancient and powerful relic, long reputed to have been lost, has been discovered once again. A hardy group of adventurers have excavated it from the mysterious ruins on the Moroccan coast...

A hand-picked group of Marines and Sailors hunts these dangerous vagabonds from their trusty Gunboat Visayas, led by the newly promoted Lt. Commander Newbolt.

A race to escape to the waiting ship with the artefact, a search for the shipwrecked vessel and a daring night-time raid on a port await you in this Pulp campaign I'll be running at Gaelcon.


  1. Good luck, Donogh. Sounds like a cracking scenario! Very much wishing I was crossing the water to see it myself.

  2. awsome scenario cannot wait for the batreps!

  3. Thanks guys - hopefully the game lives up to the blurb!


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