05 February, 2013

Contracting Trouble

On Sunday of Warpcon I ran a couple of games of the classic starter scenario, Contracting Trouble.

An SUV carrying two civilian contractors was hit by gunfire as it moved through a neighbourhood in one of the city’s red zones. UAV footage indicates that the contractors are injured but alive. The contractors have held the small group of Insurgent gunmen who attacked their vehicle at bay for nearly a quarter of an hour, but more armed men have been spotted converging on the disabled SUV. 

A squad of soldiers is in the vicinity and can be on-site within the hour. They must locate the contractors and escort them back off.

Exultant RPG gunner overlooking the stricken SUV
Those contractors are definitely in trouble
The inbound patrol comes to the rescue, bounding up the street tactically and  taking out a couple of the lone RPG-armed insurgents
Two insurgent leaders have made their way across the street and are conferring pending the arrival of further insurgents
Those reinforcements strengthen their hand and they prepare to strike
The first fire team, led by the squad leader, goes on overwatch from a nearby rooftop
Insurgents rush to the rooftops to surround wreck and engage the two fire teams across the way in a heavy firefight 
 A few more recent arrivals lurk around the corner from the second fire team, which has just arrived on the scene
More insurgents arrive, close to the covering fire team and causing them to lose their ability to concentrate on the SUV
The other team takes casualties on way out from across the street, where a large group has bided its time 'til the withdrawal
The sergeant leads his men down to the street to conduct a fighting withdrawal, but with a lot of insurgents nearby, they're unable to make their way to safety in time
Nicely balanced intro scenario I thought, akin to that Space Hulk classic 'Suicide Mission'.


  1. Nice looking game. The vehicles and terrain look great.

  2. I really like your table, this scenario is so "clean" and easy played, I almost think I'll bump my 6mm modern stuff up a few notches! Great inspiration as always!

  3. Thanks guys - I'll post another run of this tomorrow night.
    After that a fresh look at The Package from the almost-released 'Classified' book

  4. nice game, I am about to go read the second one of these I saw appear on the blog roll


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