14 February, 2013

The Package

At Warpcon a couple of weeks back I ran the Brave New World campaign from the 'Classified' book

An arms dealer delivers the package to the rebels by light plane.

A small special forces mission is sent in to arrest the militia leader and confiscate the small briefcase

The rebel village looks peaceful, a small patrol is seen in the distance picking its way through the supply dump
But two special forces squad rush into the village, taking out the rebel machine gun team perched on the rooftop of the largest building (believed by their intelligence to be the rebel HQ)
Another group of rebels has leapt into their SUV and raced across the main road  to where their leader is meeting with the arms dealer - they bundle him aboard, trading fire with the special forces
The arms dealer's mercenaries escort him back to the aircraft, where their pilot has kept her nerve and is getting it ready. As they get into the plane rebel forces nearby pause from their firefight with the assaulting special forces to open fire on them! Do they think the arms dealer has sold them down the river?
The rebels hold on to their stronghold, stopping the special forces dead in their tracks and causing the arms dealer's plane to skid to a halt - despite their losses they've gotten their leader away
Nice and quick, and I think the tactical options open to all sides make this one eminently re-playable.


  1. bugger that was too easy, well it appeared it... good on the rebels!

  2. This looks like a pretty small game miniature-count. I was wondering if the CLASSIFIED scenarios were primarily small firefights. This would be good for me as at this point have a pretty small collection of miniatures. What would you say is the average game size for the CLASSIFIED book?

  3. This is great scenario, out group liked the three opposing sides idea, which opens possibilities to some role playing too ;.) arms dealer switched sides ones ;-D and started firing rebels in order to take their car :-D

  4. @Conrad - you did (twice!). Once vs. Mr. E and the other vs. Steve I think
    @Dan - most of them are relatively small, off-hand the only ones I can think of which had much more than this have irregulars opposing the SpecOps, but there may be one or two (out of 23) with significantly larger forces involved.
    @Thanks Juha, always nice to hear you're having fun with the scenarios

  5. Brilliant! Can't wait for mine to arrive!

  6. Awesome! I'm glad these were included in Classified! Gotta ask, what kind of model is the airplane? I've been searching for one for similar roles and haven't had a lot of success...!!! Is it just a 1/72 scale model kit?

    Brian (on the Guild and AAG forums)

    1. Hi Brian,
      It's an Airfix Britten Islander in 1/72

      See full details over on the Guild


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