17 November, 2013

Coming Aboard?

Lt. Vanderbolt leads a small gunboat towards the rendezvous point with Gunny Schaefer’s squad, but as they cruise towards the landing point, a dhow slides up behind them, ignoring their hails.

A band of Zanzibari Pirates have been patrolling the area and are aware that their glorious leader has raised the ire of the Americans. They will attempt to prevent any interference by taking control of the boat.

Grant goes aft to challenge the approaching dhow
But the pirates have taken positions ashore as well
In fact, they've set up a small gun overlooking the jetty - it opens fire on the gunboat and Warner, manning the Lewis Gun near the bridge takes a direct hit
Other Zanzibaris converge on the jetty
As Seaman Black and Lieutenant Vanderbolt seek to take control of the prow gun, they are hit by a fusilade of musket fire from the shore
Harper and Carpenter jump to the jetty (avoiding the crocodile lurking below) and open fire on the group nearest - driving them off
Meanwhile, the dhow starts its approach and the pirate aboard open fire, killing Grant - though taking serious return fire from Kennedy's tommy gun
Harper and Carpenter have wiped out the gun crew and turn it on the dhow
Kennedy has been hit by the pirates (dropping his sub-machine gun overboard) and one of the pirates makes it across in an attempt to finish him off
The other group of pirates rush down the jetty and jump aboard
Harper, now hobbling with a gammy leg, rushes towards the shore - he spots that the gunboat is in serious trouble of being taken!
Thankfully he spots that Kennedy has gotten back to his feet, and he points his shotgun back at the remaining crew of the dhow
Kennedy has more than that to contend with - with just a pistol left, he leaps up to the top deck and runs for the bridge
Somehow, Cook and Kennedy defend the bridge against both groups of pirates with just their pistols!
The leader of the Zanzibari pirates run back to his ship
So, it looks like the navy will be able to make the rendezvous with Schaefer after all...


  1. cool game. really lucky escape there for the guys on the gunboat. it almost went so wrong.

  2. A close call there for the good guys. Nice AAR.


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