18 February, 2015

Red November

Hard times have hit the experiment gnomish submarine Red November.

Everything on the sub is going wrong at once. Fires are burning, the sub is leaking, and critical systems keep failing. Help is on the way, but the gnomish sailors must hold out until the rescuers arrive...

Following the gnomes around is great fun, though below you can see it's all come to a tragic end as an untoward missile launch destroys the submarine

The red gnome is caught in the engine room as it and all
adjacent rooms are flooded  - leaving him with no option but to
wait for help!

With the red gnome saved and with lashings of grog
and a manual, the crisis in the engine room is averted

Multiple gnomes help to clear the way

I really enjoyed the game - actually after running though the rules by myself solo (with three gnomes) I played this with my group down the pub and at Warpcon. A light cooperative game, with a (innovative I think) nice turn order mechanic and with tonnes of trouble to solve, juggling the odds with the time pressure.


  1. This is a great game. It can be played out in about 15 minutes too. We often throw in a game of this before or after other things to use up our gaming time.

    1. Wow - 15 minutes seems impossibly fast to me; I presume this comes with repeated play?

  2. It seems to me that it does play that fast eventually. It helps we have an experience player, but even with some newbies it's fast. I think the major contributor is once you need to start drinking to enter fire locations you can pass out. Once a gnome passes out, the catastrophes really start mounting and the game tends to end quickly.

    I think I survived once....maybe. Otherwise it was within the last 10 time units/seconds on the game. Otherwise it tends to end much sooner.


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