27 February, 2015

The Hit

Knowing that the SSR must capture or kill the high-ranking Nazis to prevent their organisation gaining the occult knowledge of the site, they rearm to take on their opponents in one final mortal combat.

Blazkowicz knows that Lehmann is the key to the entire operation, and must be captured or killed to halt the danger...

The German camp, where Lehmann is located, along with Stahl and Kerschner.
Carter is with some of the Marines behind a rocky outcrop and they're ready to attack
They scoot around the flank approaching from behind a parked gun truck and a ruined temple
Stahl takes cover inside a lean-to. Only the glint of his steel mask is visible
Blazkowicz and Waterson take position behind a fence and he opens fire on Grimmer on the rooftop
One of Kerschner's men takes cover behind Lehmann's touring car; jumping inside as he starts to take fire
Carter takes position behind the machine gun on the truck, with Helfer at the wheel. The touring car comes off second best out of this encounter!
Blazkowicz rushes towards the house, with Waterson giving him covering fire with her rifle
Kerschner races them to the house...
As a desperate hand to hand battle takes place inside with Blazkowicz driving off the Germans and capturing Lehmann.
The Nazis attempt to rescue Lehmann is successful, and Lehman runs around the house
Carter guns down both Germans and then Stahl when he emerges from the house to board the guntruck!
Lehmann runs for it, and with amazing luck shoots Simmon's SMG out of his hands. Simmons has one shot left with his pistol, but misses and then Lehmann disappears into the desert...
Nicely rounded off campaign if I do say so myself. Plus, with Lehmann's escape, the dice kept things wide open for a sequel; which I'm running at Leprecon next weekend!


  1. Great looking game. Lovely report.

  2. Epic stuff!
    Just like Hollywood too: a sequel beckons!

    1. It was a pretty cool ending to a game alright - no way it'd be possible (or even worthy) to script such a thing though!


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