04 March, 2015

Centre of the World!

Bill Blazkowicz succeeded in defeating the Nazi attempt to recover the Black Sun, but Dr. Lehmann escaped into the Libyan desert despite the SSR’s best efforts.

With war erupting in Europe, both sides have renewed their efforts to find Lehmann and use his occult knowledge to further their plans. But in the depths of the desert, Lehmann is developing a device to harness the otherworldly power of the Black Sun while this newfound sway has prompted neighbouring tribes to gather round him.

SSR is sending some of their greatest agents after Lehmann, including Lone Star and Agent Duggan, but the Nazis have powerful allies of their own…

Play out the SSR’s struggle with the Nazis to take control of Lehmann’s centre of occult power!

I'll be running this three-part campaign at Leprecon this weekend (who have a wonderful Mythos theme this year...)

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