26 March, 2015

Race to the Prize

Lone Star leads Duggan and an SSR team into the underground temple complex.

Lehmann is inside undertaking some horrible ritual (with a captured Marine) to call forth otherworldly power from the Black Sun, but he quickly forgets about that once the bullets start flying.

Lehmann's tribesmen make their way towards the entrances to intercept the invaders
There's not much room in the dusty corridors, but there is enough light, for now at least
Duggan, takes position at the end of a long passageway covering it with his improbably large machine gun
He quickly attracts a lot of attention, taking a serious wound from the fusilade!
The two marines back him up, returning fire to some effect
Reinforcements rush down the other stairwell and join forces with the others, making it difficult at best for the SSR to force the way to Lehmann
Azzan takes up a position against the fearsome Major Texas (aka Lone Star) and despite his shield and powerful physique, the hero succumbs to dozens of musket shots 
More reinforcements arrive and now the tribesmen seek to force the passageway
But the injured Duggan (now only able to carry a pistol) finds a secret way around the well-defended corners. A group of Lehmann's protectors race back around to the rear of the temple complex to prevent an attack on their beloved leader
But they have been tricked! Duggan rushes back the way he came, losing them in the secret tunnel. He races around the corner to confront the amazed Lehmann, and sends his giant fist through the rogue Nazi scientist's face! 

This was an amazing game - everyone was sure that the SSR had failed until the last-turn bait and switch occured! Set up beautifully for the finale...


  1. Cracking stuff! I'm looking forward to the finale.

  2. Fantastic - lovely figs and terrain!

  3. Plot twist! Excellent read :)

  4. Thanks guys - glad you're enjoying it!


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