02 April, 2015

Final Confrontation

The Nazis have sent in their hit assassins to take care of SSR and Lehmann for once and for all…

Blazkowicz, Duggan and Carter approach the fort where the remains of Lehmann's operation are located
With the remainder of the tribe, Omar holds the fort - they've deployed a small field gun to cover the approaches.
The fearsome Red Nun leads her coterie, while Stahl and the noted sniper Ziefle back her up
Rightly concerned about the Red Queen's rapid approach, Omar sends a heavy volume of fire in her direction, killing all of her henchmen and sending her back into cover
Meanwhile, the SSR have made it to cover nearby, and exchange fire with the rooftop cadre led by Rashid
Coming up behind them, Stahl and Kramrisch gun down Blazkowicz and send the others diving for cover
Ziefle starts to fire into the fort, hoping to pin them down and give the Red Queen a chance to close
Hamid hauls the gun out of the fort (where it's arc of fire was severely limited) to take a shot at the SSR agents to the flank
Duggan is wounded by the fire, and runs for the hill (whereupon Ziefle takes him out). But Carter kills Kramrisch as she flees
The Red Queen rushes the fort, pistols at the ready
Ziefle take cover from the full attention of the remaining tribesmen inside the fort
Stahl backs up the Red Queen - they'll storm the fort in 3...2...1
Stahl is killed by Omar in a deadly fist-fight, and amazingly he takes out the Red Queen as well. Carter runs for the other side of the fort as Ziefle takes aim
Ziefle finally has to go in to take out Omar herself.
With only heroes left to fight over the fort eventually, this one was a real nail-biter!

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