22 May, 2015

Top (TV) Duels

To go with my posts on top one-on-one fights (in films) here's a quick selection from television.

#5 Agents of SHIELD (May vs. Ward)
This was a fascinating struggle - May and Ward were both enigmas at this stage of the show - and I really had no idea who was going to win out; but it was still nice to see some ass get kicked (and a nail gun too!)

So as much as I did not care at all for Gabriel Byrne's role/acting on this show, it was still good to see him get his moment in the sun. Fairly traditional/accurate depiction of classic Viking duelling; and nice to see shields get some serious use (even if they are discarded). 

No embedding allowed :-( but this really deserves a click through.
A fantastic match-up with a lot of variety. This had me sitting at the edge of the seat during, and even when waiting season-long for the true aftermath.

Again with the embedding!
I recall the preparation for the fight clear as day. With Turner limbering up and Dority greasing himself up! The tension in the onlooking principals is incredibly tense. But wait for the finish...

#1 Game of Thrones (The Mountain vs. The Red Viper)

No one likes embedding anymore!
I did write something like 'redefining no-holds barred' for Hannibal and Deadwood above, but then I realised what was at #1. Enough said. Some brilliant moves, and wonderful to see the spear get pride of place in a fight for once!

Melees next obviously!

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